How to deploy Nuxt to Netlify .

Support for serverless SSR using Netlify Functions and Edge
Auto-detected when deploying
No configuration required


Normally, the deployment to Netlify does not require any configuration. Nuxt will auto-detect that you are in a Netlify build environment and build the correct version of your Nuxt server. For new sites, Netlify will detect that you are using Nuxt and set the publish directory to dist and build command to npm run build. If you are upgrading an existing site, you should check these and update them if needed.

To trigger a deploy, just push to your git repository as you would normally do for Netlify .

By default, Nuxt will server-render each page on server hit using Netlify Functions . You can optionally configure deployment to use Netlify Edge Functions or Netlify On-demand Builders .

Netlify Edge Functions

Netlify Edge Functions use Deno and the powerful V8 JavaScript runtime to let you run globally distributed functions for the fastest possible response times. Nuxt output can directly run the server at the edge - closer to your users!

Read more in the Netlify Edge Functions announcement .

On-demand Builders

Netlify On-demand Builders are serverless functions used to generate web content as needed that’s automatically cached on Netlify’s Edge CDN. They enable you to build pages for your site when a user visits them for the first time and then cache them at the edge for subsequent visits (also known as Incremental Static Regeneration).

Custom Redirects

If you want to add custom redirects, you can do so by adding a _redirects file in the public directory.

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