Upgrade Guide

Have a Nuxt 2 project to migrate? Use these guides to upgrade your Nuxt applications to Nuxt 3 or take the first step in that direction with Nuxt Bridge.

If you are already using Nuxt 3 and want to upgrade to the latest release or test new features before their release, head over to the Upgrading Nuxt 3 section.

Feature Comparison

In the table below, there is a quick comparison between 3 versions of Nuxt:

Feature / Version Nuxt 2 Nuxt Bridge Nuxt 3
Vue 2 2 3
Stability 😊 Stable 😌 Semi-stable Release candidate
Performance 🏎 Fast ✈️ Faster 🚀 Fastest
Nitro Engine
ESM support 🌙 Partial 👍 Better
TypeScript ☑️ Opt-in 🚧 Partial
Composition API 🚧 Partial
Options API
Components Auto Import
<script setup> syntax 🚧 Partial
Auto Imports
Webpack 4 4 5
Vite ⚠️ Partial 🚧 Partial
Nuxi CLI ❌ Old ✅ nuxi ✅ nuxi
Static sites

Nuxt 2 to Nuxt 3

The migration guide provides a step-by-step comparison of Nuxt 2 features to Nuxt 3 features and guidance to adapt your current application.

Nuxt 2 to Nuxt Bridge

If you prefer to progressively migrate your Nuxt 2 application to Nuxt 3, you can use Nuxt Bridge. Nuxt Bridge is a compatibility layer that allows you to use Nuxt 3 features in Nuxt 2 with an opt-in mechanism.

Upgrading Nuxt 3

Latest release

To upgrade Nuxt 3 to the latest release, use the nuxi upgrade command.

npx nuxi upgrade

Edge release channel

To use the latest Nuxt 3 build and test features before their release, read the edge release channel guide.
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