Starting fresh? Getting started with Nuxt 3 is straightforward!

Play Online

You can start playing with Nuxt 3 in your browser using our online sandboxes:

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Before getting started, please make sure you have installed the recommended setup.

* If you already have Node.js installed, check with node --version that you are using version 14.16 or above 16.11.

If you have enabled Take Over Mode or installed the TypeScript Vue Plugin (Volar), you can disable generating the shim for *.vue files in your nuxt.config file:
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  typescript: {
    shim: false

New Project

Open a terminal, or from Visual Studio Code , open an integrated terminal and use the following command to create a new starter project:

npx nuxi init nuxt-app
pnpm dlx nuxi init nuxt-app

Open nuxt-app folder in Visual Studio Code:

code nuxt-app

Install the dependencies:

yarn install
npm install
pnpm install --shamefully-hoist

Development Server

Now you'll be able to start your Nuxt app in development mode:

yarn dev -o
npm run dev -- -o
pnpm run dev -o
Well done! A browser window should automatically open for http://localhost:3000 .

Next Steps

Now that you've created your Nuxt 3 project, you are ready to start building your application.

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