Getting started with Nuxt 3 is straightforward.

If you want to migrate an existing Nuxt 2 project, skip this and follow the Bridge instructions instead.
Learn more in Introduction .

Play online

You can start playing with Nuxt 3 in your browser using our online sandboxes:

Play on StackBlitz Play on CodeSandBox

New project

Open a terminal, or from Visual Studio Code , open an integrated terminal and use the following command to create a new starter project:

npx nuxi init nuxt3-app

Open nuxt3-app folder in visual studio code:

code -r nuxt3-app

Install the dependencies:

yarn install
npm install

Development server

Now you'll be able to use yarn dev to start your nuxt app in development mode:

yarn dev -o
npm run dev -- -o
Well done! A browser window should automatically open for http://localhost:3000

Next steps

Now that you've created your Nuxt 3 project, you are ready to start building your application.

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