Nuxt is constantly evolving, with new features and modules being added all the time. This page lists the current status and schedule of our planned releases.

📢 Announcements

📅 Release schedule

Release Expected date Description
[email protected] April, 2022 Nuxt v2 cumulative updates for future compatibility
[email protected] June, 2022 Nuxt v3 stable release

Current Releases

Nuxt 3 is in release candidate stage and available as the [email protected] npm tag.

The latest updates on Nuxt 2.x are available via the nuxt-edge npm package and are expected to be released soon for forward compatibility.

Release npm Status Last Release Docs Repository
Nuxt 3.x nuxt Release Candidate 3.x docs nuxt/framework
Nuxt 3.x (edge*) nuxt3 Development 3.x docs nuxt/framework
Nuxt 2.x nuxt Maintenance 2.x docs nuxt/nuxt.js#2.x
Nuxt 2.x (edge*) nuxt-edge Maintenance 2.x docs nuxt/nuxt.js

(*) Edge releases are automated after each commit passing tests

🛣️ Roadmap

In roadmap below are the major expected features that are coming soon with Nuxt 3.

💡 Check Discussions and RFCs for more upcoming features and ideas.

Milestone Expected date Notes Description
Generate and Caching Q2 2022 nuxt/framework#3161 Route caching rules and full static generation
Test Utils Q1 2022 nuxt/framework#3198 A rewrite of nuxt/test-utils for testing Nuxt 3 and new modules
Content v2 Q2 2022 - A rewrite of nuxt/content for Nuxt 3 support
DevTools Q2 2022 - An integrated devtools experience for Nuxt
Auth Q2 2022 - A rewrite of nuxt-community/auth-module for Nuxt 3 support
SEO & PWA Q2 2022 nuxt/framework#1823 Migrating from nuxt-community/pwa-module for built-in SEO utils and service worker support
Translations Q2 2022 nuxt/translations#4 (private) A collaborative project for a stable translation process for Nuxt 3 docs. Currently pending for ideas and documentation tooling support (content v2 with remote sources).

📦 Core Modules

In addition to the Nuxt framework, there are modules that are vital for the ecosystem. Their status will be updated below.

Module Status Nuxt Support Repository Description
Content 1.x Maintenance 2.x nuxt/content Maintenance only
Content 2.x Active 3.x nuxt/content Released
Auth WIP 3.x nuxt/auth Private Beta
Image Active 2.x nuxt/image Nuxt 3 support planned
Telemetry Active 2.x nuxt/telemetry Nuxt 3 support planned
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