nuxi add

Scaffold an entity into your Nuxt application.

npx nuxi add [--cwd] [--force] <TEMPLATE> <NAME>
Option Default Description
TEMPLATE - Specify a template of the file to be generated.
NAME - Specify a name of the file that will be created.
--cwd . The directory of the target application.
--force false Force override file if it already exists.


npx nuxi add component TheHeader

The add command generates new elements:

  • component: npx nuxi add component TheHeader
  • composable: npx nuxi add composable foo
  • layout: npx nuxi add layout custom
  • plugin: npx nuxi add plugin analytics
  • page: npx nuxi add page about or npx nuxi add page "category/[id]"
  • middleware: npx nuxi add middleware auth
  • api: npx nuxi add api hello (CLI will generate file under /server/api)
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